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family therapy

The family is a system. If one member is not functioning appropriately,

the whole system can be thrown off. In Family Therapy, we work with the family, in parts or as a whole, to develop a more cohesive and peaceful family system. We do so by addressing each family's specific needs, whether that be communication skills, behavioral issues, strained familial relationships, parenting skills, attachment issues or more. 

Family Therapy with Teens

For parents, these years can be especially difficult to navigate. 
You may be unsure of how to help your child cope, how to address their behavioral issues, or how to communicate in a healthy manner. 

At Mindful Living Therapy, we see the significant benefit on the parent-child relationship by implementing family sessions when appropriate. 


Family Therapy with Children

For parents of young children, Family therapy may be more focused on parenting skills, developing healthier communication skills, or building a stronger parent-child bond through play and interaction. 

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