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Helping others find peace, fulfillment,
and healing through mindful
and intentional living

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EMDR Therapist Austin

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About Us

About Us

Are you tired, overwhelmed, or emotionally exhausted?

Maybe you're confused on what step to take next

or tired of living life just going through the motions. 

Or maybe you're searching for peace and happiness

in a currently chaotic and strained home environment.

Regardless of your struggle, there  comes a point

in all of our lives when we realize we can't do it alone.

At Mindful Living Therapy we  are here to provide a safe,

 non-judgemental, and empathetic  space in which you can explore your blocks and how to move past them. 

As well as ways you can grow into the best version of you.

Together we can help get you to where you want to be.


If you want to learn more about the Mindful Living Therapy , the therapeutic process or are readyto start your healing journey,

contact us below!


Our mission is to guide and assist each client on their journey towards peace and healing while emphasizing inclusivity, mindfulness, and innovative practices. 

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We envision a mental health community that provides support and guidance in a loving, nonjudgemental way for its' community members, while advocating for expanded and innovative mental health services beyond just the local community.


At Mindful Living Therapy we value:

Integrity - We have a devotion to be honorable and true to our word.

Quality - We are committed to providing the best quality services possible.

Respect - We believe in holding respect for all individuals, regardless of religious beliefs, race, or sexual orientation.

Balance - We prioritize balance in life to promote a more effective Therapeutic process and alliance for all. 

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